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Tactics for Sweet Bonanza

Tactics and strategies for Sweet Bonanza appeared almost with the release of the game. Therefore, many users have already tried them out. Some have actually managed to earn a large pot by following these tips. In this article, you will learn whether you should trust the tactics and how they work.

Basic Strategies

To begin with, you should pay attention to the basic principles of playing Sweet Bonanza and other slot machines. Everything is extremely simple, but many users forget about these tips. At the same time, if you follow them wisely, you can minimize your risks and get the most out of the game. Randomness often rules in casinos, but players have something to counter it.

Budget Management

The first thing you should consider when playing Sweet Bonanza in your currency is the risks. Keep them in mind throughout your session. Manage your budget so that you always have wagering opportunities and don't lose your entire balance in one day.

The minimum deposit amount in most casinos is $3. Therefore, it is possible to start playing Sweet Bonanza for real money even for a rookie. The main thing is to allocate the budget correctly. Experienced players advise dividing the bank into 5-10 parts.

Remember that it is impossible to win constantly in gambling. So you should always play with free money. Good thing Sweet Bonanza casino offer various first deposit bonuses and other promotions. With the help of such offers, you can get additional funds and start playing with higher chances of big winnings.

Bonus Utilization

Sweet Bonanza by Pragmatic Play has a lot of additional options. For example:

  • Bonus Round. Collect a combination of 4 or more Scatters and get 10 free spins. This round gives the maximum benefit. After all, during the free spins, special symbols can appear on the screen, which increase the winnings by x2-x100 times.
  • Fall feature. Used combinations disappear from the reels, and new symbols stand in this place. Accordingly, if you get a payout, the re-spin begins. This way you can increase your bet quite well. Re-spins will continue as long as there are combinations on the screen.
  • Ante bet. Developers assure that with the activated bet the chance of getting free spins is doubled. Accordingly, it is better to overpay x1.25 of the regular bet and have a high probability on the bonus round.
Purchase of ten free spins

Also on the official website of Sweet Bonanza there is an opportunity to buy a bonus round. To do this, you need to spend x100 of the selected bet. After the purchase, the corresponding combination will appear on the screen. The benefit of such a feature is quite controversial. Many players advise not to use the purchase, because with a random combination, the winnings will be much more tangible. And on average, free spins start more often than once every 100 spins.

Game bonuses for the Sweet Bonanza are presented from both developers and online casinos. Accordingly, you should look at the promotions offered by the gaming club. Often brands give bonuses on the first deposit and many other rewards. So you will definitely not be left without a favorable gift at the very start.

Understanding the Payout Table

Although the rules of Sweet Bonanza Casino are as simple as possible, you should read them on the appropriate tab. Click on the "Info" button and open the payout table. All information in it is translated into Russian, English and other languages. So you will definitely be able to understand the peculiarities of the gameplay.

The payout table shows:

  • Available combinations;
  • Potential payouts;
  • General game rules;
  • Specifications;
  • Bonus round description;
  • Instructions and controls;
  • Additional features.

So the developers have specified all the necessary information for a high-quality game. Also on the preview you can see the main features of the slot, maximum payout and volatility.

Advanced Strategies

If you have already figured out the basic principles of the game, you should study the strategies and tactics in Sweet Bonanza. You can always check everything out for yourself in the demo version or by playing small bets.

Choosing the Right Time to Bet

There are many methods and tips for when Sweet Bonanza has the highest probability of winning. Many players advise playing at night because of the low server load. In reality, though, serious changes are almost impossible to find.

If necessary, you will be able to increase your bets at night to try to snap the jackpot. However, you should not forget about the total pot. Do not bet all the money on one round. After all, in this case, the chance of losing completely will be much less.

Analyzing Patterns

There are also many other tactics for winning at Sweet Bonanza on the internet. To test them, you can use a simulator. The main task of the player and the most favorable outcome of the spins are 4 Scatters (lollipops). After all, free spins with an additional multiplier are given just for their combination.

Eight symbols in a row

Experienced players do not advise waiting for the moment and trying to calculate the probability of free spins. So you just have to spin the reels and hope for luck. When it smiles on you and you get a good payout, then we advise you to wait a bit, and then safely return to the game.

Tips From Professionals

Experienced players have prepared some useful tips for you, with the help of which you can win more often and minimize the risks in Sweet Bonanza slot:

  • Try to play with free money while you are not mastered enough. And then you can increase the stakes.
  • Pay attention to your condition. In Sweet Bonanza you can play for money at any time and from any device. However, you need to choose the most appropriate state and time to play. After all, in alcohol intoxication, under stress and in any other states the player is prone to rash decisions.
  • Study all the rules and details. The rules and possible combinations with coefficients are collected for you in the table of payouts. There you will also be able to explore the bonus features. Before playing, you should understand this information so that you realize in advance what to expect.
  • Buying bonuses is not always the best solution. But if you are confident in your strength and wallet, it can be a good investment, because it gives you certain advantages.
  • Properly distribute the balance. Before playing, it is necessary to divide the bank into several equal parts. With the help of this, you will have chances to win back. It is desirable not to risk the entire account in one day. Remember that there are just bad days, perhaps tomorrow everything will be completely different.

At the end it is worth adding that gambling is entertainment. While playing Sweet Bonanza for money, you need to understand that the result of the round is determined by a random number generator. Accordingly, it is impossible to influence the outcome. But there is a chance to win for any user, including absolute newbies.

And so that even the administration of the site could not affect the result of the rotation, choose only proven online casinos. A rating of licensed brands with a description of the main advantages has been prepared special for you.

Practice Makes Perfect

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