The Process in Refinishing a Firearm

Blueing & Parkerizing

We start off with completely disassembling the firearm down to the last screw and spring. The pieces are cleaned and bead blasted to remove any rust if necessary.

The parts are sanded to remove any pitting, keeping in mind that the lettering should always remain. The metal is then polished to the finish you have requested.

After it is inspected it is chemically cleaned, rinsed, then into the hot blue tank at 290 to 310 degrees temperature or into the parkerizing tank at 200 degrees to apply the finish.

When the finish has taken to the metal, the parts are removed, rinsed in water, then put into the neutralizer tank to remove any traces of the bluing salts.

The parts are then transferred to a rinse water tank to remove the neutralizer prior to being placed in our water displacing oil, which displaces any molecules of water left on the metal.

The firearm is then reassembled, checked for function, a curing oil is applied, it is wrapped and packaged for return shipment.