Customer Advisements

Blueing and Parkerizing Information

Cast iron will occasionally get red-yellow or plum-purple tones. Investment cast frames occasionally turn red.

Late model Winchester 94 receivers above serial #2,700,000 are cast metal and will not blue.

Stainless steel will not parkerize or blue.

Chrome, nickel plated parts will not parkerize or blue.

Case hardened steel will not blue unless removed. If it's in good shape we leave it alone i.e. triggers and hammers.

Aluminum, pot-metal, brass and alloys will not blue.

Refinishing means that we will refinish the metal to the best of our ability given the condition of the piece as it is received by us. If you want your badly rusted, deeply pitted, beat-up broken gun restored to original condition, that is called restoration not refinishing. We do that also but it takes more time and will cost more. We are not gunsmiths and cannot rebuild or replace broken parts.

If there is a misunderstanding of our grades or the work we offer we will notify you of any increase of price before work starts.